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Your success in business rests on the daily translation of new knowledge into better decisions, increased value and a sustainable world.

You will sharpen those skills — with live projects, group work, internships, and industry exposure — and emerge as stronger accountants, finance and supply chain professionals, analysts, managers and marketers.

Profit Meets Purpose

Embrace complexity and imagine core business functions (accounting, finance, supply chain, etc.) as more than tools to maximize efficiency or profit.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Step into our new Analytics Room and learn to work with leading statistical, accounting and finance software tools and databases.

Boler Professional Development

Extend your growth beyond the classroom, and gain insights and confidence alongside trusted mentors, executives-in-residence, and coaches.

Fact: 90% of JCU seniors complete high-impact (internship, research, immersion) experiences.

Why Business, Accounting And Finance at Boler College of Business?

Responsible Leadership

A Jesuit business degree prepares you to lead in a complex world. From CFO’s who account for resource scarcity to supply chain professionals who protect worker rights across the supplier path. Be the business leader who shows why human-centered companies outperform the competition.

Top Faculty

John Carroll business faculty stay close to industry colleagues and trends, such as how blockchain will impact accounting or whether onshoring production will improve global supply chains.

Student-Operated Businesses

Join fellow JCU entrepreneurs and manage the 100% student run cafe, community-minded food buggy, or quarter million dollar (real money) student investment fund.

Best Undergrad Teaching

Top 5 U.S. News and World Report

Best Regional Universities Midwest Rankings

#2 U.S. News and World Report

Best College Value

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Emerging Business, Accounting and FInance Careers

Business Intelligence Analyst

Accountants and other business professionals will play a larger role in interpreting the overall value and integrity of business data, including automated digital information collected in real time by networks of Internet of Things sensors. Traditional audit and assurance roles will expand into more predictive analytics, and accountants will be asked to provide actionable intelligence and advice on business decisions.

Customer Satisfaction Coordinator

As fulfillment centers gain more precision — from both analytics and automation — a new type of supply chain professional will choreograph each shipment from custom packaging to customer contact at the point of delivery, via drone or Lyft type service.

ESG Resource, Innovation and Risk Integration Manager

As machine learning offers better insights on when, where and how to best resource raw materials, human talent, and relationships, the scope of risk management will broaden and take on an even higher priority. Manager roles will grow among suppliers, manufacturers and the financial analysts who guide the flow of capital, at both the institutional and retail level.

Our Alumni Work and Live Here

John Carroll graduates who pursue business, accounting and finance careers work for large public accounting firms, regional and national banks, investment banks, and other parts of the corporate and public sector, across dozens of regional, national and global economic capitals.

Morgan Stanley
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
Goldman Sachs

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